Ayodya Resort Bali




Bus stop location:In front of the hotel lobby


Ayodya Resort Bali Bus is the third bus stop on the Nusa Dua Line. Located on the south side of Bali collection, in the surrounding area there is a large hotel and the Bali Golf & Country. Just 10 minutes walk to Peminge Beach. Next return to the DFS Bus Bay.


Ayodya Resort Bali is an idyllic tropical resort represents the royal Balinese hospitality. Located in the heart of Nusa Dua area, the resort is blessed with an endless sandy beach and covers 29 acres of landscape garden completed with a lovely lagoon and statues to resemble a Balinese water palace in the grandest possible manner.

The island's beauty is inspiring all 541 rooms of the resort with the touch of both Balinese style and modern convenience. Represents all the beauty of a rich Balinese culture, Ayodya Resort Bali is a kingdom hospitality to cater the needs of couples, families, and business travellers alike.

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