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Bus stop location:In Front Lobby

Hatten Wine is the last bus stop on the Ubud Line Please note that although this bus stop is located in Sanur, it is NOT on the Sanur Line. The next bus stop after Hatten Wines is DFS Bus Bay in Kuta.


Hatten Wines has been making wine in Bali since 1994, breaking all rules of traditional viticulture and winemaking by braving the climate, the elements and fierce critics. Years of adjustments, trials, testing, and reinventing itself - twenty two years to be exact, have forged a solid winemaking company with incredible pride in its staff, products and owners.

The Vineyards of Hatten Wines have grown to a reasonable 35.5 hectares of owned land, which combined to the partnership farmers lands exploited for Hatten Wines, come up to a total of near 100 hectares of vineyards contributing to the fruit grown to produce the wines. From these locally grown vines, the 7 wines of the winery have been served at restaurants, hotels and villas in Bali, functions and dinners across the Indonesian archipelago, and on very special occasions served in Holland, United Kingdom, Maldives, Singapore and Hong Kong. Recently, Pino de Bali fortified wine is the most exotic addition to Felix’s wine list, at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

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