Bus Stop Location: In front the outlets (parking area)

Havaianas is the 2nd bus stop on the Line 4 before heading Starbucks Dewata on Sunset Road Street. The bus on Line 4 will going to Legian, Seminyak and Kuta area.


Havaianas were first created in 1962 by Alpargatas, a highly-renowned and very traditional Brazilian company active in the shoe and clothing industry, now in its 100th year. The simplest product made with a secret Brazilian rubber formula, Havaianas became known for being buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible and durable. Nearly fifty years later Havaianas have turned into a world-wide phenomenon, and the most successful product made in Brazil.

So, after more than 2 years in Indonesia, 10 years in Australia, nearly 50 in Brazil and within the folds of a 100 year old company, Havaianas has grown into a fashion icon, respected design masterpiece, and timeless classic.

No wonder it has been called "the best rubber sandal in the world".



예상치 못한 교통 상황이 발생할 수 있으니, 예정된 출발 시각보다 5-10분 정도 일찍 정류장에 도착하실 것을 권합니다.

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