The Keranjang Bali



Bus Stop Location: In the Parking Lot

The Keranjang Bali bus stop sited on Line 1, Line 2 and Line 4. Line 1 and Line 2 is addressed to passengers who depart to Kuta or Legian, and Line 4 which is for passengers who depart to Seminyak. All lines will be heading to our bus terminal at DFS first.


The Keranjang Bali offers the concept of an educational, entertainment, shopping and travel experience in a blend of traditional and modern style. Various outlets are present in The Keranjang such as food, clothing and handicrafts. In addition to that, The Keranjang will complete your holiday with the first Cultural Sky Park in Bali, that can be enjoyed with family or partner.

Link: The Keranjang Bali



예상치 못한 교통 상황이 발생할 수 있으니, 예정된 출발 시각보다 5-10분 정도 일찍 정류장에 도착하실 것을 권합니다.

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