Bus Fare : Rp. 80,000

Number of Seats : 29

Short Mini Bus Route of Line 5 connects Sanur and Ubud from DFS. The bus at Line 5 will depart from DFS → Sanur → Ubud - Sanur → DFS. For your information, that the bus at Line 5 is popular among the passengers, thus, making the bus full book. So makes sure that you have ordered your ticket long before your depart schedule or you won't be able to get into the bus.

The Line will connect DFS Bus Bay to Ubud, the center of art and cultures in Bali. The bus will also pass Sanur, a peacefull village next to the sea shore which is familiar to expats and families.

The Sanur bus stop is located next to the peaceful Sanur sea shore and near to the pedestrian route. Here, you can find many restaurants and local warungs along the path. The Sanur main road is Jalan Danau Tamblingan. It is an easy acces to Kura Kura bus stop.

You will enjoy your trip to Ubud, as the bus will be heading you to Ubud via green line where you can see the fresh of nature that is offered by the rice fields along the way. Here, you will also find fabulous valley and Padi Teracce. The bus will direct you to Ubud main street. It is called as Jalan Raya Ubud. There are so many interesting places located here including Puri Ubud and Ubud Art Market. Then, the bus will be continued the journey to Jalan Hanoman, where you can find many cafes and shopping center.

* Tickets are available at the FABULOUS UBUD TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER which is located on Jl. Raya Ubud, opposite the Royal Palace and the Art Market.

버스 정류장 목록

1 DFS Bus Bay 1 Coffee Gallery
2 Bali Bird Park 3 Bali Zoo
4 Coco Supermarket Ubud 5 Puri Lukisan Museum
6 Ubud Central Parking 7 McDonalds Sanur

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